Infrastructural Facility:
There are adequate number of class rooms, halls, laboratory space for conducting instructional activities for the students, separate room for Principal and faculty members, office for the administrative staffs, common room female students and a store laboratory. Laboratories are well equipped with required apparatus.

The college has an enriched library with sufficient text and reference books and journals including Teachers education as specified by N.C.T.E. Students are issued tow cards for borrowing books. The home issue card permits the borrowing of one book at a time for a period of seven days only. Reference books may used on reference cards for study in the reading room for the day only.

Girls Hostel facility is available.

The well equiped laboratories are available of Geography,Scince,Work Education Lab and Computer.

Public Telephone:
One Public Telephone is installed in the campus in favour of students.

Common Room:

One common room is available inside the campus.

Photocopying Facility:
Photocopying Machine is installed for usage of the students.

Play ground and indoor game facilities.